Tracks from ‘You Have No Legs’ Released – Free


If you played You Have No Legs you probably noticed the awesome music that came with it. Well guess what. Now you can download the tracks and put them in your playlist! Yoshi Miyamoto (Pocket Groovy) has put up the songs he did in the game as a free download.

If you like epic music, these are four tracks that you’ll very much want. Listen to the tracks right now. :D

*Edit: Pocket Groovy had asked me to change the link to his SoundCloud site and didn’t realize you couldn’t download the songs there. Sorry about that. You can download the tracks here.

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2 Responses to Tracks from ‘You Have No Legs’ Released – Free

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  2. Erasmus says:

    Wow. I had nice play of [yo have no legs] and, Now I know who could have make me so inner-fantasia and trilled.
    My name is Erasmus, the Korean
    [Actually It's an English name. But you can call me Otomiya Kageyami If you might have a bad feelings about us, the koreans]

    however I was so inspired in your music.
    I also had well known about Yuki Kajiura[san]. [My favorite japanese composer.]
    but you were as good as her in this game, too.
    I sware.
    so thanks for making me concentrated and charmed during the game. thank you very much.

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